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Louis Oosthuizen knows first-hand the value of charitable endeavours and sponsorship. Inspired by the sponsorship he received during his amateur years, Louis has established Louis57 Charity, a way of paying it forward to those in need.

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Leolan Academy is a non-profit special school supporting children who have complex needs, including autism. The Academy is committed to the development of each child’s abilities so that he or she may come to experience life to its full potential.

The objectives of Leolan Academy are to provide the highest quality of educational and therapeutic programming available to children with disabilities; to nurture and challenge each student on his or her own level; to instill in each student the positive self-image and love for learning which will lead to lifelong learning and personal development; to support parents in their growing understanding of their children’s needs and abilities, and in their quest for the best learning environment for their children.

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Louis57 Kids With Cancer is a non-profit organisation who distributes donations and funds to help children afflicted by pediatric cancer.

The objective of Louis57 Kids With Cancer is not only to assist with the medical cost, but also to help the family come to terms with the situation, bring them together again as a family and provide guidance the way forward.


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Foundation 57 launched its Ipapa 57 – feeding the children initiative on 1 October 2017.

“If children are given strong learning foundations in the early years, they are far more likely to enjoy a path of lifelong learning. Early Childhood Development (ECD) sets the foundation for later learning. It is therefore really important to support and encourage a child's development in the first 5 years of life. Research shows that communities who give children access to quality early childhood development are usually more stable and successful” – SmartStart Programme | National Non-profitable Franchise Focusing on ECD

Foundation 57’s vision is to assist in national and local efforts, such as the SmartStart ECD initiative, to ensure that the basic needs of children are being met in their early years of development. These basic needs (building blocks) are:

  • Love and Care
  • Nutrition and Good Health
  • Safety: Physical and Emotional
  • Stimulation: Learning Opportunities

Foundation 57 specifically focuses on the building block of Nutrition.

Stats SA's Poverty Trends in South Africa report (released 22 August 2017) shows that one in two South Africans live under the poverty line. Additional research shows that 8 out of 10 children from poor families don't have access to high-quality, “out-of-home”, early learning experiences. Children are more likely to struggle in school if they don't have strong early learning foundations and/or a balanced nutrition.

Ipapa 57 aims to increase concentration, comprehension and academic performance by helping to reduce short-term hunger and improve child nutrition. Ipapa 57, that consists of supplying special formulated maize products to children between the ages of 3 – 5, will benefit the children as well as the community and society at large. Healthier and better nourished children reduce the burden on society.

Societas for ECD is a registered NPO, based on the SmartStart Programme, that focuses on generating funds for early childhood development. One of the first beneficiaries of Ipapa 57 was Societas for ECD Mossel Bay, founded in August 2016. Societas Mossel Bay – an inter-church NPO –  founded 18 of these small ECD play schools in the Mossel Bay Municipal area and continues to manage them, based on the SmartStart Programme. According to the latest census statistics, only 1 900 of the 9 000 children in the Mossel Bay area receive early childhood development.

Foundation 57 helped launch the Societas Mossel Bay NPO Feeding Programme by purchasing the special formulated maize meals for the current 18 SmartStart centres in the region. Societas Mossel Bay's vision is to double the amount of ECD centres during 2018. Foundation 57 will also financially support the monthly Feeding Programme at 10 of these ECD centres. The vision is to eventually help support the monthly supply of nutritional food to a 100 of these ECD centres.  

With the support of sponsors – who deeply care about the nutrition of young children and ECD centres – Foundation 57 can make a massive difference in the lives of these children and their households that serve as the homes of these SmartStart ECD centres.

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Training Top Golfers of the Future

From 2006, a golf development programme, aimed at the underprivileged children of the Mossel Bay community, was established at Mossel Bay Golf Club. By 2009, more than 40 children were taking golf lessons from a PGA pro, and children from other towns were also becoming involved. Success of the programme was evidenced in a couple of the juniors qualifying to play at provincial level for the Southern Cape Junior Golf Foundation. After meeting with Louis Oosthuizen and discussing with him the need for a proper Junior Golf Academy, The Louis57 Oosthuizen Junior Golf Academy (Louis57 Academy) was founded in 2009 by Louis Oosthuizen, Petrie Cronje, and Bertu Nel. A three-tier golf development programme for junior golfers was proposed and implemented.

The Louis57 Academy pride themselves on their golf development programme. The Academy’s PGA Professionals visit schools in the Mossel Bay Municipal Area on a weekly basis to introduce scholars to the game of golf via the SNAG golf programme. Those with a keen interest in the game are identified, and further advanced group coaching is done at Pinnacle Point Golf Club on a weekly basis. Golf development is also being done at Kingswood Golf Estate in George. The aim is to get these junior golfers’ games improved to the extend where they can play golf in the various junior golf tournaments in the southern Cape.

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