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In 2009, Louis Oosthuizen founded his Junior Golf Academy (Academy57) in Mossel Bay, born out of his passion for junior golf development.

Academy57 is looking after young golfers living in the Southern Cape, based at Pinnacle Point. The Academy has a three-tier coaching structure, headed by a PGA Professional coach. The golf programme not only focusses on the performance of already talented golfers, but also on the development of Juniors’ golf potential and life skills.

Academy57 (Peak and Performance Tier) annually host the top 10 Juniors in the Southern Cape applying for membership.  Currently we have some of the top Juniors in SA, performing on national as well as international level. The second tier (Development Performance Tier) and third tier (Enterprise Development Tier) focus on the identification and development of Juniors with golf potential on grassroots level, as well as on the coaching and mentorship of a Development Coach.

R&A : Championing Golf Development in SA. Featuring Academy57