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Golf development has been conducted at Mossel Bay Golf Club since 2006, and was aimed primarily at the under-privileged children of the Mossel Bay community. The golf development programme grew annually to such an extent that in 2009 more than 40 children were taking golf lesson from a PGA Pro. All this was founded and paid for by the Mossel Bay Golf Club members.

The golf development programme became so popular that children from other towns started joining the programme. The success of the programme meant that in 2009 a couple of the juniors qualified to play provincial golf for the Southern Cape Junior Golf Foundation. There was a desperate need for more funding to create better opportunities for these very talented junior golfers. After meeting with Louis Oosthuizen and discussing with him the need for a proper Junior Golf Academy, The Louis 57 Oosthuizen Junior Golf Academy (Louis 57 Academy) was founded in 2009 by Louis Oosthuizen, Petrie Cronje, and Bertu Nel. The Academy57 has grown into a four-tier golf and golf development programme and has delivered many top juniors on a national and international level, representing South Africa as well as the International Junior Presidents Cup Team.

In 2013 Louis signed a contract with Pinnacle Point Golf Club to host his Louis 57 Academy at this spectacular golf estate in Mossel Bay. Pinnacle Point was crowned as one of the top 10 new courses in the world in 2007. They not only have a spectacular cliff-top links golf course, but also fantastic practice facilities, plenty of accommodation, and a club house perched on a peninsula with 270-degree sea views.

From January 2015, the Louis57 Academy has served the entire Southern Cape (from Heidelberg to Plettenberg Bay).


2. Louis 57 Academy:

Junior golfers living in the Southern Cape area and who are attending school permanently or doing home schooling can apply for Louis 57 Academy membership. In the Academy they receive specialised coaching individually and/ or in groups, further preparing them for competition golf e.g. Southern Cape Junior Golf Foundation and/ or Southern Cape Senior Provincial teams. One of the best ways to improve your golfing ability is to play in tournaments.

The Southern Cape Golf Foundation has various tournaments that are hosted in and around our area. The Southern Cape Golf Union also stages numerous senior tournaments. The Louis 57 Academy supports these tournaments and is making sure that our Juniors can compete with the best in the Southern Cape, by representing the Union at provincial level.

To qualify for Academy membership, the juniors need to:

  • Be a South African citizen and or has permanent SA residency;
  • Be a member of a golf club in the Southern Cape region (Heidelberg – Plettenberg Bay) with an official handicap;
  • The applicant must study on a full-time basis at one of the regions public or private schools or do home schooling AND not be older than 18 years by 01 January of the new Academy calendar year. If the applicant has finished school / home schooling by 01 January of the new Academy calendar year and is still 18 (although he/she will turn 19 during the calendar year), the applicant will be eligible for selection, as a Founder Member’s Pick. This selection will be based on various considerations / criteria, including previous high level performances as an Academy57 member on a national and international level. The “Founder Member’s Pick” Academy member, should also commit to Academy57 for the full calendar year.(01 January – 31 December)
  • Belong to the Southern Cape Junior Golf Foundation;
  • Represent their golf club in league OR Southern Cape Golf Foundation at provincial level in their respective age groups OR represent the Southern Cape Golf Union at Provincial level;
  • Be approved by the Founder Members by annually applying for Academy membership and or Interview and/ or Review.

If a junior golfer qualifies to become a Louis 57 Academy member he/she can apply for membership of the Louis 57 Academy by sending the Founder Members concise Curriculum Vitae of no more than three pages, which should consist of:

  • Detailed golf achievements;
  • Latest school and or home schooling report; and
  • A motivational letter.

Applications for annual membership opens end of September and closes 31 October, to be announced end November, of a particular calendar year.

The Founder Members will have the final decision regarding approval of membership. The Founder Members are under no obligation to provide any reasons for not accepting a junior as a Louis 57 Academy member or to enter into any discussions with affected parties. This process is final and binding and not appealable. Louis Oosthuizen has the right to annually select one Junior, as a “Captains Pick”, to the Peak Tier.

With the cost of golf and transportation increasing drastically, it has become almost impossible for some of the families to afford the golfing expenses for their talented children. The Louis 57 Academy assist in covering some of these costs including coaching, tournament costs (Southern Cape Junior Tournaments), Louis 57Academy apparel, caps, golf balls, gloves etc.

Juniors in the Southern Cape aspire to belong to the Louis 57 Oosthuizen Junior Golf Academy. We believe that we have juniors in the Louis 57 Academy who can make it all the way to our provincial teams and maybe one day even play on the professional golf tours of the world.



Since inception, the Louis 57 Academy has been built around three key focus areas:

  • golf development and performance-driven golf;
  • personality development of the juniors; and
  • golf-orientated life skills development of the juniors.

4.Louis 57 Academy Tiers:

The Louis 57 Academy structure comprises of four Tiers:

1 : Peak Tier (Boys and Girls Divisions);

2 : Performance Tier;

3 : Enterprise Development Tier ;

4 : Louis57 Kids

The Founder Members will evaluate the selected Louis 57 Academy members on a continuous basis.

Once accepted as a Louis 57 Academy member, (Peak and Performance Tiers), the juniors need to:remain a member of a golf club in the Southern Cape region with an official handicap;

  • study on a full-time basis at one of the schools in the region or do home schooling(see Founder Member’s Pick);
  • belong to the Southern Cape Junior Golf Foundation;
  • annually play in at least eight Junior Golf Foundation Tournaments;
  • represent the Southern Cape Golf Foundation at provincial level in their respective age groups OR represent the Southern Cape Golf Union at Provincial level;
  • play in the Pinnacle Point Junior Club Championships
  • participate in the Louis 57 Oosthuizen / Southern Cape Junior Order of Merit;
  • attend regular coaching sessions (at least 70% of all lessons) presented by the contracted PGA Professional(s) – these sessions can be presented at Pinnacle Point, Fancourt  – the member can attend any or all of these weekly lessons – transportation to these lessons are for the member’s own account;
  • only have coaching from one of the contracted Louis 57 Academy coaches, although the Academy recognises that if an Academy member is selected for the GolfRSA National squad and or Team, he/she could receive coaching from non – contracted Academy57 coaches.
  • submit the required number of stats reports as and when requested by the PGA Professional(s) coaches;
  • wear Louis 57 branded cap / shirts during official Tournaments, except those in which they represent the Southern Cape and or GolfRSA.
  • wear official Louis 57 Academy shirts / caps during official practise sessions.
  • attend the full-day coaching session hosted at Pinnacle Point from time to time; and
  • be an ambassador of the Louis 57 Oosthuizen Junior Golf Academy.


The Peak Tier is divided into two Divisions, Peak Boys Tier, and the Peak Girls Tier. The Girls Division was launched in January 2021, as Academy57 is committed to grow the game of Golf among girls. Academy57 is also signiture to the R&A’ Women In Golf Charter.

The following criteria will be used for the Peak Boys and Girls Tiers selection, within the Academy :

Performances in Southern Cape Junior OoM tournaments, national and international tournaments, ,handicaps, stroke averages in tournaments, SC OoM, as well as scholastic achievements. If the applicant was a member of the Louis 57 Academy during the previous year, the applicant’s Academy OoM ranking, recommendation by the coaches, as well as his/ her overall behaviour on and off the golf course will be taken into consideration.

Juniors who are selected for the Louis 57 Academy PEAK TIER get the following:

  • Academy 57 branded items/clothing;
  • membership fees at Pinnacle Point;
  • green fees at Pinnacle Point – limited to 70 rounds per anum on a space available basis;
  • usage of the driving range facilities at Pinnacle Point and Fancourt.
  • Southern Cape JuniorGolf Foundation tournament fees;
  • golf lessons, mental skills training, life skills training, and all other official programmes presented by the Louis 57 Academy.

The rules for the usage of golf carts at Pinnacle Point, (does not matter in which Academy57 Tier the Junior is) are determent by Pinnacle Point Golf Club and the Pinnacle Point Home Owners Association. Juniors have to adhere an abide by these rules.


Academy 57 has since it was founded in 2009, a well structured Golf Coaching Program.  Juniors in the Performance Tier are either selected from the overall membership applications and or nominated by Academy 57 Founder Members. These Juniors will each receive the following:

  • 2 x Caps
  • 2 x shirts
  • Free usage of driving range facilities at Pinnacle Point / Fancourt
  • Free group coaching lessons at Pinnacle Point / Fancourt
  • Louis 57 Academy will pay the entry fees of 5 Southern Cape Junior OoM Tournaments
  • Membership and green fees at golf clubs are excluded


A third Tier under the Golf Development Program, was launched, during January 2018 in collaboration with Pinnacle Point. This Tier also entails the coaching and mentorship of a Development Coach, that will visit schools in the Mossel Bay area, to identify young children with golf potential. These children will receive free coaching at Pinnacle Point.

Members of this Tier are selected from schools in the Mossel Bay community, nominated by Academy 57 Founder Members and or the SAGDB (Southern Cape).  These Juniors will each receive the following:

  • 2 x Caps
  • Free usage of driving range facilities at Pinnacle Point
  • Free group coaching lessons at Pinnacle Point

The Enterprise Development Tier’s coaching will only be done at Pinnacle Point. Coaching of the Performance and Enterprise Development Tiers, will take place on separate days, as those of the Peak Tier.


This Tier will acts as the introduction of young beginners with golf potential, to the game of golf in the form of free coaching, only at Pinnacle Point.

If it so happens that the golfing facilities are closed or the contract between Pinnacle Point GC and the Louis 57 Academy is amended for whatever reason during the contract period, the Founder Members can change the above conditions as they deem best for the Louis 57 Academy Tiers and members.


5.Order of Merit:

The Louis 57 Academy has a website on which the profile of each player of the Peak Tier, is displayed, as well as stats, sponsors, next tournaments, goals for the future, etc.

5.1 : OoM :

An Order of Merit (OoM) ranking, for the Peak and Performance Tiers, will be kept on the website where Louis 57 Academy  members will be ranked as per the total number of points they scored for the various tournaments in which they participated. The tournaments counting for the OoM (and the amount of points allocated to these tournaments) will be circulated to the members before the first OoM tournament of the calendar year – almost like the Race to Dubai or FedEx Cup.  The PGA Professional will also allocate points towards attendance and participation at the scheduled lessons. This would include handing in the required number of stats reports to monitor the progress of the member.

Although we acknowledge Senior Tournaments, the Louis 57 Academy only financially supports Junior Tournaments.

5.2 : Team Selection :

The Founder Members will select Louis 57 Academy Teams and/or individuals to participate in all tournaments, where a Louis 57 Academy team or player is invited to participate.

5.3 : Louis 57 Academy Champion:

The Founder Members will at the end of the calendar year evaluate all Louis 57 Academy members and determine the Louis 57 Academy Champion for the year. Included in their evaluation will be the overall golfing performance nationally and internationally of the member, his order of merit ranking, school results, overall performance in the Louis 57 Academy, attendance of presented programmes, behaviour on and off the golf course, etc. The Founder Members will have the final decision in choosing the Louis 57 Academy Champion. The Founder Members are under no obligation to provide reasons for their decision or to enter into any discussions with affected parties. The process is final and binding and not appealable. The Louis 57 Academy Champion will receive a floating trophy.


6.Termination of Membership:

  • Membership is for one calendar year only ( January to December).
  • Membership will not extent beyond completion of his or her final year at school / home schooling and or the age of 18 years.
  • If a Louis 57 Academy member’s membership is terminated due to not attending the required number of lessons, usage of a non-contracted Academy coach, bad behaviour or for any disciplinary reason, the Louis 57 Academy member must give back all the items he received during the year of membership.
  • The Founder Members will have the final decision regarding termination of membership. The Founder Members are under no obligation to provide further reasons for termination of membership or to enter into any discussions with affected parties. This process is final and binding and not appealable.

7.Code of Conduct:

Parents must sign an agreement, indemnity form, and waiver before their child can be accepted as a member of the Louis 57 Academy.

Golf is a sport that requires high standards of behaviour and sportsmanship on and off the golf course, and relies heavily on honesty, integrity and self-regulation. Louis 57 Academy members should strive to set an example to their peers and should at all times show utmost respect towards themselves, fellow members, staff at golf clubs and the Louis 57 Academy that they represent.

Being a member of the Louis 57 Oosthuizen Junior Golf Academy is a privilege that is available to only a few selected Juniors, therefore it is expected from them, to bear this in mind, when considering their approach/behaviour on and off the golf course.

The following conduct both on and off the course must be adhered to:

  • The Founder Members will evaluate the Louis 57 Academy members throughout the year. They will take in consideration the Louis 57Academy member’s tournament and league performance, his knowledge of the game and golf rules, and also other aspects of his game such as discipline, etiquette and sportsmanship.
  • If a Louis 57 Academy member’s performance is not of the required standard (the Founder Members’ decision is final), the Louis 57 Academy member will not be allowed to continue with his membership until he is evaluated and approved by the Founder Members again.
  • If it comes to the attention of the Founder Members that a Louis 57 Academy member is making use of a golf coach who is not contracted by the Louis 57 Academy, the Academy member’s contract will be cancelled.
  • The Louis 57 Academy members MUST adhere to all the golf rules and regulations as stipulated by the different governing bodies. Discipline, etiquette, and sportsmanship are some of the most important goals of the Louis 57 Academy.
  • Louis 57 Academy members MUST realize that they are representing the Louis 57 Oosthuizen Junior Golf Academy and that they should always behave as true ambassadors of the Louis 57 Academy on and off the golf course.
  • No smoking, drinking of alcohol, or using drugs whilst representing the Louis 57 Academy or Junior Foundation or Senior Provincial teams will be tolerated.
  • Presenting oneself in a manner which may cause negative comment in both one’s personal and dress presentation will not be tolerated.
  • The throwing of clubs or the abuse of golf equipment will not be tolerated.
  • Any other behaviour or act which may be offensive to acceptable social protocol will be dealt with severely.
  • Louis 57 Academy members MUST wear the official Louis 57 Academy clothing when playing in official golf tournaments and the official Louis 57 Academy jacket and tie at prize giving afterwards when so required.
  • Louis 57 Academy members must use all the various sponsors’ products in tournaments. This includes clothing, caps, golf balls, gloves, shoes, clubs, etc. If during the year the members’ sponsored products are depleted, they can obtain extra products through the Founder Members at a discounted price.
  • The parents of Academy 57 juniors must inform the Founder Members of any sponsorship and or donation received by the Junior, not secured by the Academy 57.
  • When playing practice rounds or social golf it is suggested that Louis 57 Academy clothing is worn as far as possible to assist in promoting the Louis 57 Academy.
  • On Louis 57 Academy tours to local or international tournaments, events and competitions, parents are not allowed to tour with the group. Parents are welcome to attend as spectators, but cannot be allowed to form part of the tour activities and/ or meetings unless they are representing the Louis 57 Academy in an official capacity.
  • At the abovementioned tournaments, events, and competitions parents are welcome to join the tour for social functions, but as they are official Louis 57 Academy tours, player meetings, official functions, practice sessions, and team meals will be for Louis 57Academy members only.
  • Parents are not allowed to interfere with juniors during Tournament rounds of golf. They have to adhere at all times to the 20 metres rule.
  • Parents are welcome to attend official Louis 57 Academy practice sessions as observers, but cannot interfere with the Academy’s coach or provide advice to any of the juniors attending these practice sessions. It is advised that parents should stay at least 20 metres from the juniors at off- or on-course coaching sessions so as not to interfere with the coaching sessions. If parents are not happy with the coach’s recommendations or coaching methods, they are welcome to discuss their ideas with the Founder Members and or the coach.

8. Criticism:

Unwarranted and negative criticism of the Louis 57 Oosthuizen Junior Golf Academy or any of the programmes run by the Louis 57 Academy by members or their parents in public will be seen in a very serious light. There are open lines of communication available between the Founder Members, members, and their parents. Should there be any unresolved issues, parents especially are encouraged to discuss this personally with one of the Founder Members to resolve the issue.

Third party reports of criticism that have not been raised with the Founder Members could lead to the member’s immediate termination from the Louis 57 Academy.



The Louis 57 Academy’s programmes are designed to develop a well-rounded yet competitive individual who will, during his or her time in the Louis 57 Academy, be encouraged to play competitive golf and also participate positively within the activities of the community.

We, the undersigned, hereby accept and agree to abide by the above rules and regulations.